The building process begins


We have land!  Woot!  Now what?  The Building adventure starts here.

I have to be honest, our first choice was not building.  Our first choice was finding an old historic farmhouse because of my love of all things old and vintage.  But, God had other plans.  My husband and I were scared to death of the building process.  With an existing home, you knew exactly what you were buying.  With a new construction, you are starting from ground zero.  Luckily, I am a very visual person so I had in my mind exactly what I wanted our dream home to look like.  The challenge was taking that vision in my mind and building it into our home!

I grew up in the construction industry and my hubby, Jim, is the jack of all handyman trades.  I have the vision and he has the skills.  Don’t get me wrong though, this girly girl knows her way around the power tools when I need them!  So, not only did we take on the building adventure…we decided to take on the building adventure on our own and general contract our home ourselves.  Oh boy!!!  My motto in life is “go big or go home” and this was no exception.  If we were building, we were going all in!


During our construction process, I did not find a lot of resources on building that I found to be all that helpful - the process, what to expect, the joys, the tears, the excitement, the fears, the real truths about building.  So, I vowed that when we made it through our building process alive and still married (LOL!  I joke but they say that if a couple can survive the building process together they can survive anything!) that I would start this blog I to help and inspire others through the building process.  This journey seriously will be the most exciting and most stressful experience of your life all that the same time, but I promise the end result is WORTH IT!

Our building adventure was where my passion for new construction was found and the true awe in taking that vision in your mind and seeing the magic happen of making it a reality from nothing to something amazing...seriously like the dream in your mind come true!  Because of our love of vintage, we packed as much unique character and vintage charm into our new home as we could.  I absolutely did not want the cookie cutter new construction you see EVERYWHERE.  That is what I loved about our historic home, everyone who came to visit would love how unique our home was and the stories it had to tell.  So, I did exactly that with our new construction.  You will hear me say it time and time again…every home should have a story!

And, here is where This New Old House was born: mixing the old with the new, a true art of uniqueness, and telling your home’s story!

In this blog I will share with you behind the scenes from a real person that has gone through the process - building tips, tools and tricks.  For those of you not building, I will sprinkle in inspirational posts from my other loves of baking, DIY, holidays, and entertaining.  Really, I consider myself the perfect mix of the modern day Martha + Magnolia of the Midwest.  Follow my blog and you will see it all, my friends!!!

Briana Summers