10 Fabulous 4th of July Décor Ideas!

It’s that time of year that any social media posts, or Pinterest pins, or front porches that I drive by with red, white and blue are catching my eye. You guys know that I love decorating for the seasons and holidays and the 4th of July is no exception!

One of my favorite 4th of July decorating inspirations was from years ago at our 1905 historic home, I callit the original this “old” house. This was before our new construction home and This New Old House with my décor, design and DIY blog was just a twinkle in my future eye.

I am not quite sure what got into me, but the creative 4th of July firefly bug hit me hard and I went all out for this party – all out!!! These are ideas that you can incorporate into your own upcoming 4th of July décor or parties. I have tucked most of these projects away into storage when it is not end of June/early July and will continue to pull them out year after year for not only the 4th of July, but also Memorial Day and Labor Day.

So, let’s get these patriotic ideas rolling with my top 10 list!

colorado & July 4 090 copy.jpg

#1 – Let’s start with my favorite front view of our historic 1905 home decked out in our 4th of July decorations. Details to note that I will talk about more behind-the-scenes on the DIY are the flower pockets on the white picket fence, the patriotic pendants, and the mason jars filled with flags lining the brick sidewalk. 

colorado & July 4 095 copy.jpg

#2 – Just for fun, this has to be one of my favorite holiday family photos. This really gives you an idea of how long ago this inspiration was from as my kiddos are now 15 {and Spencer is definitely taller than me at 6 feet} and 11 {and Mallary is exactly my height now}. Time goes fast friends…a reminder to do the little things to make holidays and everyday extra special and take lots of family pictures!!!

colorado & July 4 070.jpg
colorado & July 4 071.jpg
colorado & July 4 072.jpg

#3 – For the patriotic flower pockets, I went to the local fabric store and found a variety of vintage looking red and blue fabric and sewed them into a simple pocket. Put some flower foam in the bottom of the pockets. I tucked in artificial blue hydrangeas {but you could use real!}. I rotated the design with two different fabrics. You could put these on any fence or porch railing for a fun patriotic pop!

colorado & July 4 075.jpg
colorado & July 4 081.jpg
colorado & July 4 082.jpg

#4 – The walkway flags are an easy DIY. I always have a collection of mason jars for parties to use for candles, silverware or napkin holders, flower vases and more! {Put mason jars on your repurposed DIY party supply list!}. Super easy, I filled the jars with a little sand and poked in small flags I found for 50 cents each {at the time} at our local hardware store. I rotated the flags and candles on each side of the walk way.

colorado & July 4 085 copy.jpg

#5 – The patriotic pendants are one of my absolute favorites. I think pendants add a pop of fun to any party décor. I went to the fabric store and picked out a variety of fabrics and ribbons that caught my eye in the red, white, and blue color pattern palettes. I cut the fabrics into triangles using a cardboard template. And, since I know just enough to be dangerous with the sewing machine, I actually fabric adhesive glued two of the fabric pieces together to make them two-sided {this was a sticky mess, not going to lie…but it did hold up all of these years!}. You could, of course, always sew these two sides together too! And, then because of my very limited sewing skills, a neighbor’s Mom who loves to sew {enlist help of those more talented when you can…always!} sewed the pendants in between a piece of 3” ribbon that folded in half. These are so fun!!!

colorado & July 4 069.jpg

#6 – I also made enough patriotic pendants for the backyard kids’ play fort. This fort was a DIY design and build project {and labor of love as it was quite the job} with my family.

July - Mal's bday 025.jpg

We called it the “kids’ party deck” when we had parties, so they had their own fun space to hang out, and it was a memory making spot for sure. Love…look at those smiles!

July - Mal's bday 024.jpg
July - Mal's bday 029.jpg

#7 – For the adult party area, we have a mix-match of card tables so to unify the look for parties at a minimum investment I bought fabric and cut to size for table clothes and also switch out fabric table runners for different party occasions. So, I can reuse the fabric without having to wash it party after party, I layer it with a piece of clear vinyl fabric over the top cut to size. This one had cute lady bugs on it, which I think is the perfect little pop of fun for any summer party tablescape!

#8 - The DIY flower arrangements are pulling back in the mason jars and more flags with one of my favorite summertime flowers, the sunflower!

Mal's birthday party July 15 063.jpg
Mal's birthday party July 15 064.jpg
Mal's birthday party July 15 065.jpg

# 9 – At our historic 1905 home the gazebo was always the favorite hangout spot for the adults {lots and lots of good memories in this space}. I always had paper lanterns hanging in the gazebo {to make every day feel like a party!} and for the 4 th of July added this DIY paper star.

Mal's birthday party July 15 071 (1)e.jpg
July - Mal's bday 023.jpg
July - Mal's bday 033.jpg

# 10 – I made more of the patriotic paper stars to hang over our back patio entertaining station. The DIY patriotic stars are an easy DIY, but it will take some time with the scissors and glue gun. Buy a bunch of red, white and blue patterned 12”x12” scrapbook paper {I went for more of a faded vintage color palette with my red, white and blue tones and lots of pattern…which is totally my style}. Form these into cones and glue. Cut about a 10” circle {I used a craft brown color, this is your back side.} and secure all of your cones to this for your circle with a hot glue gun. Cover the front to hide where all of the middle of your cones come together with another paper patterned circle and patriotic star or design of choice cut at about a 6” – 8” circle diameter. Easy, peasy, right?!?! This does take a little time, but I have pulled these out SO many times for parties and they are always a show stopper!!!

If this blog does not inspire you got get going on your 4th of July party plans, I am not sure what else will…except my next blog coming soon! Be looking for an upcoming blog with 4th of July food ideas {think firecracker hot dogs, patriotic dipped strawberries, red/white/blue berry fruit tarts…and more!}.

Get your 4th of July patriotic creative party hats on, friends!!!

Rebecca Zoet