DIY Buffalo Check Bunny Garland

After the longest winter EVER, we sure are ready to welcome spring at This New Old House with open arms. My spring décor is in full swing and one of my favorite makeovers for the season was my mantle that included this adorable DIY buffalo check bunny garland. I have had a lot of requests on where I got the garland…it is a DIY! I am sharing my DIY instructions which are easy peasy so you can make your own including a free bunny printable. Click here for the free bunny printable.

Supply List:


  • Buffalo check scrapbook paper {We found ours at Hobby Lobby and could fit 3 bunnies on a 12” x 12” sheet}

  • Black heavier cardstock for backing on the bunnies

  • White Poms {We also found these at Hobby Lobby, or you could use cotton balls}

  • Jute twine or ribbon of choice

  • Glue gun with glue sticks

  • Scissors

  • Scotch tape

  • Scrapbook tape or glue stick {We found the scrapbook tape was not keeping our front to the back and the bunnies were falling off, so word of advice use a glue stick!}

Step 1:

  • Using your bunny printable or your master art skills, trace the bunnies onto your black cardstock and buffalo check [or pattern of your choice} paper.

  • We fit 3 bunnies on each 12”x12” page and used 9 bunnies total for our garland. {Our mantle is 5 ½’ wide}.

Step 2:

  • Cut out all bunnies front and backs and match up. You should have 18 total.

  • Tape or glue the patterned bunnies to their black backing. We highly recommend a glue stick over scrapbook tape. We learned the hard way when our buffalo check bunnies started taking the fall off the fireplace mantle!

Step 3:

  • Hot glue poms or cotton balls to the bottom of the bunny in between bumps for the tail. Hold in place for 15-20 second.

Step 4:

  • Line up your bunnies 6” apart from each other on your jute twine or ribbon. Our mantle is 5 ½’ and our twine was 7’. Use scotch tape to attach the bunnies to the string in the middle of the head on the back of the black.

Step 5:

  • Hang on your mantle. We use command hooks to attach.

Step 6:

  • Style the rest of your mantle for spring and ENJOY!

Can’t wait to see your DIY bunny garland creations! Make sure to tag This New Old House in your bunny garland posts! Happy Spring!!!

Rebecca Zoet