Healthy Home


Most of my blogs with This New Old House focus around décor, DIY and design…this time I am taking a little bit of a different spin. Of course, my family’s health is a top priority and recently we had a pure air filtration system installed in our home by Heartland Heating and Cooling. I had heard about this as an option to provide a healthier home for my family and the more I dived into research I was really impressed with the potential benefits!


We had our system installed one month ago, and I am excited to share the benefits we have experienced in this short time!


#1 – We noticed an immediate difference the first night in the improved air flow on the second level of our home. The technicians shared with us before the install our static pressure was .41 and after the install our number was to .32. A great improvement is when total available static for your filter, coil, duct and registers is between .5 and .8 depending on your system…so win here with above average static pressure stats! Hearing the numbers {which really honestly were over my head and really did not mean anything to me} was one thing, but feeling the difference was another. When I walked to the 2 nd floor of our home I felt cooler air immediately. Like the first time I walked to the second level after the install…I was blown away {no pun intended…LOL!}.


And, my daughter {who is always warm blooded and chose a chandelier in her bedroom over a ceiling fan…she’s my mini-mi for sure!} said she slept better than she ever has. With summer months upon us, we are definitely appreciating this difference!

IMG_2566 - Copy.jpg

#2 – Another benefit we have noticed is reduced odors. In fact, just before writing this blog mini-me had fried some bacon to put in the stuffed hamburger’s she grilled. And, guess what…I can’t even smell that we had bacon in the air. In the past I would avoid cooking bacon just so we would not have to smell it hours afterwards.


We have also noticed less odors in areas like our mudroom and laundry areas. Our home air feels fresher and cleaner. I know, right?!!!


#3 – I was extremely excited about the benefit of less allergens and dust in the air. This year is the first year I have experienced seasonal allergies. And, I also heard from others the pollens for seasonal allergies were awful! Within a week after the install of the air purification system my sore throat and stuffy head had cleared up.

#4 – From research I have done and from others who have a pure air filtration system installed, another potential benefit we may see is less illness with reduced toxins floating in the air. This is definitely something that I will look forward to experiencing after the other changes we have noticed.


I am not a “crunchy” mama, but I absolutely try to set a good example of health for my family and sometimes it is small changes that can make a surprisingly big difference.

Thanks to the Heartland Heating and Cooling team for making our home healthier!


Rebecca Zoet