Mystery Junk Box…I love a SURPRISE!

You know I love vintage treasures. And, I also love a good surprise. So, when my friend Brooke with The Junk Parlor approached me about trying out her new Mystery Junk Box…I was all in to see what this was about!!!


What is a Mystery Junk Box and how does this all work….you might be wondering? When I signed up to receive my first Mystery Junk Box, I received a Junk Style survey. This survey asked questions like:

  • What colors I like: Black and White

  • What I collect: Cake Stands, Flower Frogs, Milk Glass

  • What are my favorite letters and numbers: 4 and Z

  • Is there a room I am currently decorating: My favorite areas to style are my fireplace mantle and tablescapes

  • Anything else I should know: I am currently obsessed with all things bees with my new beekeeping hobby this summer!

From there, I waited for my package to arrive!!! A month later {you order the first week of the month and your package arrives the beginning of the next month}, a magical little box of goodies arrived on my doorstep! To my delight, my box included:

  • A metal flower frog to add to my collection. This is my largest one yet!

  • A glass flower frog. That is super unique as all of my current flower frogs in my collection are metal!

  • An adorable milk glass creamer to add to my collection.

  • And, my favorite, a vintage bee smoker that Brooke personalized with Zoet Bee Farm. This came just in time for our honey extraction for the season! Of course, because I am a designer and my niche is mixing old with the new, I could not wait to get these items styled with my new fall décor! Check out how I used them!


The vintage bee smoker, glass flower frog, and milk glass creamer I decided to use in a new styling in my breakfast nook for our fresh honey we just extracted from the our hives!!! I was decorating my house for Fall, so I planted a mini bridal white mum in the milk glass container {I can’t wait to see it when it blooms!}. I repurposed the glass flower frog to hold my honey sticks. I added in some additional pieces I already had including a fun patterned teal tray to contrast the orange pumpkin plate and a charcuterie board hand made by a local artisan for an additional pattern and layer. The vintage bee smoker from my Mystery Junk Box was just the perfect final touch with my fresh jar of honey form our hives!


For the metal flower frog, I had a special place for this in my new Fall foyer table display mixing it in with existing décor items and collections. That is what I love about new little vintage treasures, mixing them in with existing pieces for a fun new inspiration!


Additional items I mixed into this seasonal display included some of my cake stand collection for layering, black and white patterned pumpkins to compliment my black and white buffalo check {you can have two patterns in a display for interest!}, pops of orange pumpkins and a fun galvanized metal owl! Find things that you love and mix and match them together until you find the perfect combination!


Ready for your own Mystery Junk Box full of fun vintage treasures? Check out more details here: The cart is open through Sept. 7 for October delivery!


Rebecca Zoet